Guys playing in Pärnu

Margus and Lennart playing with butts

The last set from those two days the guys played at the beach. Ahh, loving Pärnu beach  and taking photos of the guys :)

↑ Delicious guys soaked in the water. About the same as a photo of same guys was published a year ago (Guys to beach), except for a bit more water and little less clothes.

Anton and Ali playing in water

I am often asked where I find these private places where I have taken the nude photos. Well, have a look at the beach line of the photo above, there were about 23 000 people at the beach that day. Not quite a private beach, but on certain angles, it is possible to have a background without the crowd. Some were indeed curiously observing the action, but we usually get carried away with the shoot and at some point You don’t really notice the audience any more.

Tolkuse bog, however, south from Pärnu, has always been rather private scene for photo shoots. Very cool place for photos too. Ali and Steven were kind a scared when I said I was going to take them to swamp, but I think they loved it once they were actually there.

Boys at Tolkuse bogAli and Margus playingSteven playing with frisbeeSteven catching frisbeeAnton at the end of fun beach day

↓ Among about 300 photos I usually take at a photo shoot, there are usually some accidental funny pics. Usually they classify as never-to-be-published, but Steven allowed me to publish this one, where he is gracefully descending from one of the poses we tried. This is one brings smile to my face every time I look at it.

Steven falling from a nice pose

↓ Photographer playing with his new toy, the reflector. Besides being a really amazing tool for outdoor portraits, it can be pretty neat accessory. Ali set the position and took this photo.

Ranno playing with reflector

If You fancy these photos, You might like to have a look at the previous two posts with photos from those days, Nude guys + reflector + beach and Ali on Pärnu beach.

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