Girls, the day after

Aila and Triin hiding in flowers

Morning after wedding of Aveli and Lauri. Girls had been wild and posing for my camera through the night and morning. In a discussion with bride I explained again that although I lack sexual interest towards girls, I sometimes do get artistically turned on by girls :) Hence, we agreed, that I am not totally lost.

For some reason I would never get to daddies to pose for a photo as these two young moms did ↑. I love liberal beautiful girls!


↓ Look at these beautiful girls and these incredibly long and beautiful legs! Ahh, yes, even I can’t take my eyes off of these legs.

About the montage of these photos. Warmifying and color overdose and maybe some more color adjustments were all done in Picasa 2. On the long-legged photo I tried using retouch tool of Picasa 3 to loose some ugly background and some people. Not of course as advanced tool as I wish it was, but it can be pretty useful.

Thanks to girls for hot poses and for the permissions to publish the photos.

Aveli and long-legged Triin

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