Boys, the day after

Martin laying on beach

Both of the jackets I gave to girls on the chilly morning were passed on to other girls and both ended up on same guy. As I was not cold myself I did not mind my jackets being worn by such a cute boy. In most other situations I would have been furious seeing my suit jacket touching the ground, but all the anger I had was swept away while sneaking closer to shoot the photo ↑. Thanks to Martin for publishing permission.

Whether it was the beautiful morning or blood alcohol level, but for some reason I felt the urge to go swim in the sea. Water was freezing but clear and so tempting. In a first round I talked the bride into joining me for a morning skinny-dipping.  Returning to party house there were some curious faces looking at us – what did I do with the bride at the beach to return her wet and somewhat less dressed and wearing some of my clothes. Since it was the second time that morning that I returned from beach with a girl wearing some of my clothes, a guy curiously confronted me asking what is it about me that makes the girls agree to join me for the strolls on the beach. I winked him and was about to explain, that I’m g.., but well, I will deliver him the news another time if I get a chance.

On the second round at the beach the groom joined me for a freezing swim. Despite some complaining about the cold water, he did it.

→ Boys returning from beach. As they saw us splashing around in the water, they decided to come try it out too. We spent long minutes standing in the water, convincing the big guy to get all naked and join us in the sea.

Boys returing from beach

Although he fled as soon as he felt the water with toes after getting all naked, seeing such gorgeous male body was definitely worth all the freezing. I have actually presented photos of amazing back of the guy before. I added this photo here because it looked as a really cute photo of daddy and son. Even though they are just distantly related, the photo looks real and cute.

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