Roadtrip on towery island Hiiumaa

Margus toying with a lighthouseStairs of Tahkuna lighthouse

Aside with lighthouses Hiiumaa has numerous other towers in all various sizes. Old military concrete towers are unsafe and slowly falling apart. Abandoned military watch towers are indeed exciting to climb up, but all at your own risk. If you see any wooden parts, do not count on them holding you up. Actually the concrete itself is also eroding and falling down piece by piece.

Ranno, Margus and Tahkuna lighthouseJaanus and Margus

The ‘Eiffel tower’ of Reigi. I had heard of it but by what I rememebered I thought it would already be torn down. Local 47 years old guy built the 31 meters high tower all by himself in 4 months. Neat thing to have in Your backyard. As amazing as the tower is, it is tied up together by a creator with no architectural background and is estimated to be unsafe for visitors and owner. The last I read about the tower (article in Estonian), it is ordered to be taken apart by the end of September. We visited the tower at the end of July and instead of seeing preparations for dismantling we saw hammers, nails, saws and all sorts of tools and parts used in ongoing construction of the tower. Somewhat scary to climb up a tower seeing it being repaired on all levels of it, but over all it still felt safer than climbing up a metal framed watch tower where half of the wooden stair steps and levels were rottened.

Eiffel tower of ReigiPiece of the Eiffel tower of ReigiBindings of the Eiffel tower of Reigi

Even though Estonia is such a small country, it was my first time to visit Hiiumaa. We keep travelling across Estonia and there still seem to be paces and beautiful sights I have not yet seen.

Thanks to Jaanus for hosting us and showing us around on the beautiful island.

CCCP stud - MargusRanno

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