Conquering islets of Hiiumaa

Ranno high and nudeMargus behind kayak

The nicest days of this Summer we spent on islets south from Hiiumaa. Sky was clear for all three days while we were at the sea and temperature was perfect to splash around on and in the water.

The area we were exploring is marked with a violet line on the map.

Kayak in shallow water
Kayak on rocks
Sheep on islets

Although islets were barely inhabited by people, they were all full of sheep and horseflies. Sheep were clearly considering us to be intruders on their territory. They got seriously confused when we were responding to their ‘baa!’ calls while floating on water. Few younger and more curious ones walked into the water to check out the funny fellows baa-ing on water.

We were aware that there were going to be more people camping on some of the islands but I would have never though of seeing them sailing with a tractor. Waves are photo montage, but surely more exciting to look at than the original flat sea :)

Sailing tractor
Outdoor kitchen

Our kitchen. Margus is always great at kitchen and also at putting up a kitchen. As seen on the photo, the main ingredient of our menu was hot water which was combined with dry soups, dry pasta, coffee and tea powders.

Stinky and unwalkable sea wrack did not seem to be useful for anything else besides giving colorful contrast to greenery on the islets.

Sea wrack

We were totally worn out by the end of the three days on the sea, but with the incredible weather it was definitely all worth it. Thanks again to Margus for taking me out to the sea. I can’t even remember how I filled my summers before meeting Margus. For the last three summers I have been adventuring with my dear and gorgeous guy and it’s been great!

Sunset on islets

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