Golden butts at Петергоф

Samson and the LionGrand Cascade in Peterhof

Петергоф (Peterhof) is indeed beautiful place and a must-see-in-Petersburg. least on a sunny day.

Fountains of Peterhof are remarkably working on natural water pressure with no water pumps used. Very smart, especially considering they don’t even have enough resources to invest in their official website, which seems to have stopped working last year. Money from 2..3 tickets should be enough to maintain the website for a month, but apparently it is not among their priorities.

Sculptures representing victories – naked guys sticking their body parts (in these cases hands) into others’ (beast’s) mouths.

Triton fountainSamson and the LionA room in Grand Peterhof Palace

More information about Peterhof by Wikipedia. View the location of Peterhof with Google Maps.

A room in Grand Peterhof PalaceGrand Peterhof Palace and the Grand Cascade

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