Wig party

Wig collageCompulsory dresscode element on our company Christmas party was a wig. Naturally, funny how colleagues in wigs get on bus, curiously look at each other for a minute and finally say, “Oh, it’s You!”. Throughout the party many got tired of their wigs and left it on their chairs, from where I quietly took a new wig to replace what ever was currently on my head. Yet, I forgot to take a photo wearing a wig that I actually wore when going to the party, and in which I was said to look the best. From almost 400 photos I took at the party, there is a collage of my photos above ▲.

To my surprise, my flash and its batteries were excellently working through all the 400 photos. I was preparing to reach for new batteries before 100 photos, but never needed them.

I am hardly ever excited to see 2 girls kissing, but this time I got such a beautiful photo of 2 girls kissing, that I had it on full screen of my computer for a while and just admired the beauty. I showed the photo to Margus too, and we both assured, that we are not turning straight, but it is such a beautiful photo that even we don’t mind looking at it and enjoying the sight. It was both hot and innocent. However, respecting girls’ request, I won’t publish the photo.

About the photo below ▼. While the photo above is a collage created using Picasa’s picture grid collage tool, then the image below is created from the same 16 photo fragments and multi-exposure tool of the same software. So 16 wide smiles on the collage above are exposed over each other, yet the result does not look as 16 times shinier smile. It looks rather sad instead.


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