Golden boy Toño


Antonio asked me to take more photos of him. Partly because I do not have any good photos of his jumps and as he keeps blaming me that I only take great photos of Hayley, we were trying to get better shots of him in better lighting.

Sadly, the photos of jumps did not work out as well as I hoped. I blame the lenses I had to use. Due to limited dimensions of the room I could not use my best lens, and the ones I used failed to focus correctly fast enough.

The portraits I did take with the L class zoom lens and they worked out great. Here are variations of one of my favorite photos of the photo session.

The photo below I pulled down saturation to make photo black-and-white and then played with a curve. Effect on the image above is mainly achieved with gradient map. As again I could not choose which of the variations I liked more, I uploaded both of them.


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