You go, Karel!

Trying to ease my wallet by spending UK coins, I searched for “Men’s Health”, magazine, but saw “Gay Times”, right next to it. After quick look at what MH had in it, I bought myself a plastic wrapped GT.

With all kind of exciting stuff in it, I found an advertisement of Millbank Interiors. The advertisement seemed familiar, and I remembered that I may have seen the image on homepage of Karel Polt, after taking a closer look, there it was, “Image and design by“. Not sure, whether it was exactly same adverstisement, but as I remember, was similar as on his blog.

I met Karel while he was living in Tartu. Now he has moved on to London. Sadly, we don’t communicate any more, but few times a year I do check his blog to see what he has been up to. He is a good and talented boy and I am very happy for his success.

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