Sunnier side of UK

First comments on UK were rather grumpy, and forgot all about the better sides of the trip. I did see some sun too through clouds.

One that always made me grin in a noughty way, was Piccadilly train station. Pronounciation of ‘piccadilly’ sounds as ‘pikatilli’, which in translation from Estonian to English would be “longdick’s”. Hence, obvious why it always made me grin. Yes, I am little ashamed for my dirty mind, but at least it was something exciting about the trip.

Another exciting thing happened once I was back in Tallinn, waiting for my luggage to run out and to get a quick snack at home and to be picked up to be taken to Haapsalu to give dance performance. luggage never came. After waiting for my luggage for an half an hour, and after everyone else from last flights had left, I walked on to the luggage help desk to ask whether I should be concerned. As nothing was to be found about my bag, it was clear that my luggage was lost. During the 10 years flying experience, it was my first time to have luggage lost. I was so excited! I would have been terrified if either my laptop or camera had been in the bag, but as they were both in my carry-on bag, I went on with my excitment, and kept calling people to announce that I now too have experienced having luggage lost.

My bag was found and delivered by next day.

I do not mean to to appear as opposing UK, and am just telling about my experience. I am sure it might still be fun in other conditions, for some people. Uku told me of a quote from movie ‘Snatch‘, which would have matched well with my last blog entry:

Customs official: Anything to declare?
Avi: Yeah. Don’t go to England.

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