Wet feet on Keila Waterfall

Still a lot of places in Estonia where I have never been to before. Actually, I hope there will always be places yet unseen, so Margus could take me somewhere again and again. I like him and travelling with him.

This time it was Keila juga (waterfall of Keila). Although it was pretty growded, Margus seemed to be first brave one to get in the water barefeet. As I followed my crazy babe, soon there were a lot of tourists splashing around. To my surprise, water was not freezing and was rather bearable.

Margus did propose we should get under the waterfall to take some photos, but as I did not have any underwear and there were too many children to be taking hot nude pics, I could not have joined him. Would have been wild pics though.

Here’s my babe playing around in the water, he is so cute!


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