Russian for sex only

Hand on dark buttSomething I have thought myself for long time, but today I actually heard it said by another person, that I only use Russian language for sex.

I have learned Russian for the most of the time I was at school, and by the graduation of high school I was pretty good at it. But other than that I haven’t really been using it. Sure we have a lot of Russian speaking people living in Estonia, but I refuse to speak Russian to someone who has lived in Estonia for their whole lives. And I am a real drama queen if anyone dares to serve me in Russian. I don’t mind using Russian as international language with students or tourists coming to visit, but I refuse to be forced to speak Russian to people who call Estonia their home country. ..unless they are hot studs whom I want and speaking Russian is only way to get them. So what, if I am hypocrite.

So I admit it, I do Russian for sex!

And as commented today, based on my fluency, I must be getting a lot of practice.

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