Margus meets the Family

Beaver lodge
After a small tour in Valga with sister, I took Margus to the countryside. Granny is living on the territory of Karula National Park, and even though the Spring had hardly brought out the greenery, it was already amazingly beautiful. As exciting as it is to see beaver’s magnificent creations, they are nuisance for the locals by flooding the roads. Amazing, how a small creature can pile up such logs. ▲
Ranno & Margus, Mikumäe 29APR07
After a year of me and Margus together, it was first time for him to meet my family. Him and sister met months ago and have already been to a ski trip together. Now I finally got to introduce my guy to mom and granny. They got along very well and I am so glad for that :-) Mom even said Margus seemed as a good boy. At granny’s we went on a hike to the fields and swamp and took Fredi along with us. Margus is a big and strong guy, but after a hike with Fredi.. of course he was worn out :-)
Little photographer Fredi, Mikumäe 29APR07Margus flying Fredi, Mikumäe 29APR07

▼ An old sauna house. Same old wrack for years, but still a beauty of its kind.

Old sauna, Mikumäe 29APR07

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