Green shots

Ladybird on birch leaf

Partly cloudy day at Margus‘ summer house at Viimsi…

All the photos since the dance festival had been taken with camera’s battery almost dead. I was convinced and had accepted that I had lost the battery charger. I was rather furious at myself once I found that the new charger from local stores would be over 800 EEK (€ 50). But then, after some surfing on the e-bay, I performed my very first e-bay purchase – battery charger for the camera’s battery, adapter for car cigar lighter, and a battery itself. And all that for about 200 EEK (€ 14)! This week the package arrived and I was so excited to charge my batteries, both of them :)

This morning, while packing my stuff to come to Tallinn to spend a weekend with Margus, I lifted few papers at a pile on my shelf, ..and I found myself staring at the original battery charger. I would have been kicking something if I had bought the 800 EEK new charger, but after the 200 EEK deal, I was actually still glad I had made the purchase.

We went to the summer house to try to clean up my car a bit more and I was very eager to take some photos of the overflowing greenery.

▲ Ladybird on birch. I had noticed the ladybird under one of the leaves. As hard as I tried with a flash and without, it was hard to recognise on a photo, what it was. When I returned in a while, the ladybird had moved to the top of the leaf and the sun came out the same time. It’s one amazing photo, I am so excited for the shot.

Honeybee catching the bloom

▲Honeybee catching the bloom. I got some very nice photos of the flowers, but hardly any of the honeybee. I wished I could have told it to stay still. So I just kept chasing the bee along the garden.

Honeybee fallen off the bloom

▲ Honeybee fallen off the bloom. I was having hard time keeping the bee in focus, I did get few cute shots.

▲One of many kinds of flowers in the garden. I will not upload all the flower shots, but I sure was having fun taking the photos – so many colours and bugs.

Margus’ mom hidden in the flowers.

Margus' mom hidden in flowers

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