Frosty 8th month

Freezing leaf

I was on my way home from a café and grumbling over the freezing weather, when I noticed frozen birch leaves hanging down above my head. Once again I was infatuated by simple divinity of nature. I ran home to get my camera and hurried back to take some night shots.

After trying all the tricks I knew, I had to accept, that there was too low light to get the shots the way I wanted. This photo is from a bush that had more light than others, but even from this I did not manage to get the desired shots. This is one combination of flash and long exposure.

To the second part of the title. We have made it through 8 months and we are still so much in love and crazy for each other. I am so grateful for all the liberty, trust, warmth, happiness and love he has given me.

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