A weekend in Berlin

Ranno & Margus, Berlin 11/2006

Margus found us a great deal on EasyJet flight to Berlin, so we flew off for a fun weekend in Germany.

Sightseeing in Berlin. Well, did not have much of that. We were the busiest at nights and slept through the most of the daytime. But it wasn’t really main part of our agenda anyway.

Club Connection was suppose to be THE place for Friday night, and as it was my first time in Berlin, we decided to head for the best places. It turned out not to be as crowded as was expected, but for one who hasn’t been to any real gay clubs, it was quite an excitement. Another night we checked out one of the saunas and that was another first experience for me.

Can not go into details, but briefly, I suppose I was expecting the clubs and saunas to be brighter. I am sure I would have been more excited if I had seen around more.

What I liked best about the Berlin, was new apartment of our hosts Reinhard and Michael – a skylight apartment with a terrace in a renovated building in East Berlin.

Bird on birdWall of BerlinMargus on the terrace, Berlin

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