Tony in Estonia

Mom, Tony, Ranno, Fredi and Sister in Valga

Tony has been back home in California for over a week by now. Here are some pics of us visiting my family in Valga and taking a small round trip in South Estonia.

It had been over 5 years since Tony last saw my family. Since then a lot has been going on. Tony has been deeply loved by my family as my friend, he has been blamed for my sexuality for years. But now, with Tony’s spontaneous visit, turned out the time was right for my family and Tony to meet again. We had great time in Valga and my family and Tony were enjoying each others company. I was so pleased we got to take a happy photo after so long time.

But the sweet beautiful guy has left again. I am so glad to have such good guy as one of my best friends and I am so grateful for all we shared and learned while in relationship and now as very special friends.

Tony Tony
Tony Tony
Ranno and Tony

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