Wedding of Karin and Jan

Wedding, Karin and Jan


I had not been on a wedding in years and was very flattered to be honored with an invitation to wedding of Karin and Jan. I met Karin when I joined dance group Tokra few years ago.

The registration and reception took place in Taagepera castle – very romantic place for the occasion. Also a great job on the weather :-)

I am still so much in love with my camera and all lenses I have so I could not resist taking them all with me. Naturally, there was a hired photographer but despite that I desired to contribute to the gallery of their wedding album.

Wedding, Karin and Jan

This photo (above) is definitely one of my favorites and one that I am very proud of. As one could guess, it is not so difficult to get a photo of kiss on a wedding party and there sure are couple of those among the 300 photos I have from the wedding, but I really like the moment captured on the photo above – they are almost there.

The warm look is given using Picasa 2 – couple times of warmifying filter, soft focus and I may have added some glow as well.


..just one funny moment from the wedding :-) Guys were ordered to demonstrate an interesting way of applauding – clapping hands below their thighs, so this is a moment of preparation. And again, filters applied with the help of Picasa.

And here’s is one without any filters – Mart and Kristel. Although this entry is mostly dedicated to the newlyweds, I found this photo too adorable to not publish it :-)

Mart and Kristel

None of the persons on the photos of this blog have been asked for permission, but I do hope they forgive my indiscretion.

For those of You, who attended the wedding and are interested in the photos, contact me to get the CD-s with the original photos. There is over 1 GB of them so I that is one reason why they aren’t up in a server.

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