Help needed, body to offer

Ranno's autoportrait in mirror with iPhone

Anyone willing to and interested in taking some photos of this fellow?

I prefer taking photos of myself but at some point I reach the limits of my capabilities. Tripod and running back and forth between computer just is not enough any more.

Ususally, while looking at photos of guys which they have taken of themselves with a cell phone in mirror I think ‘poor guys, they don’t have anyone who would take decent photos of them’. And now here I am myself taking the pic with my iPhone in front of my bathroom mirror. Considering the crappy quality of phone photos I probably won’t repeat this experiment, but it was actually cool to do it once.

The proposal. If there is someone out there who thinks I would be suitable for one’s photo project.. I can not offer any money. I am rather thinking of someone who is as excited about playing and experimenting with one’s camera as I am. Would be nice if whoever is interested would already have some previous projects published on blog or could just show me some of the previous shoots. I do want to be granted permission to publish some of the photos of me here in my blog.

No deadline or rush with this; this is just an idea I got when taking this photo.

..Silja? ..anyone?

P.S. If You like photos of guys demonstrating their iPhones, You might like to have a look at

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