MSM, wild style

MSM wild style

Margus found an intriguing figurine on top of Andres’ fridge. Considering dominantly rough facial features and lack of breast they both seem to be male and they do seem to be involved in sexual intercourse, ..unless they are just playing wheelbarrow.

I don’t know enough about the guys’ sexual identities to call them gay, that is why I used term MSM (men who have sex with men). This term is also used in scientific literature. Short explanation – guys having sex with each other don’t necessarily need to be gay :) .

A bit about the photo montage. All patterns are taken from the original photo, which You can see here on the left. White background of original photo was cut out with select color tool. Background is filled cloning hair of the ‘bottom’ guy and border pattern is taken from the skirt of the same character. Plus all sorts of color adjustments. I had taken series of photos of the figurine and planned to combine more views on one image, but through the process I decided to leave out the other images. It has been a while since this much montage and I am pretty satisfied with the result. Of course there would be some more corrections to do on it, but I ran out of the patience. Enough with this image and figurine.

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2 thoughts on “MSM, wild style

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ranno,

    I accidentally came upon the blog through the link in Qiss and saw your request for feedback.
    Here is a piece of my feedback – I think you have an eye for beautiful things as well as a talent to show what you see to the others. The way you’ve used the hair and the pattern of the skirt in this photo montage is original and brilliant.
    I will drop by again or look at some of your older entries.