Bald, non-age-related

Progression of self-inflicted baldness

Progression of self-inflicted baldness through 3 hours.

I have secretly wished to shave my hair off for many years, but never felt the time or occasion was right for it. So now, finally, I really really wanted to try it out, how I will look with a clean scalp.

It was first time I tried to cut my own hair after I had done it once at an age of about 6 years. After my attempt, I had ‘stairs’ look on my forehead as even though I managed to cut the hair, I totally failed to cut it evenly. Even though mom was likely shocked and had to cut all my hair to the length of the shortest ‘step’, I had perfect explanation for her – teacher had ordered to cut one meter off. Well, naturally teacher had suggested 1 cm, but that time I knew about the length units as much as I knew about not being allowed to eat all mom’s lipsticks even though they tasted good, or not being allowed to eat an imported soap even though it looked so nice and colorful like a chewing gum.

I was very scared of how I would look like and once it is done there is not any fast way back to restore my ‘normal’ look. But the way it/I turned out, I am loving how it feels and looks and am so excited!!!

As with the shaving, I also did the photos myself. Camera on a tripod connected to computer so I could see and evaluate the photos right after shooting. Used Mikk’s studio flash unit again. Bathroom door used as white background. Most of the following photo montage including 5×5 collage was done on Picasa, and a bit of Photoshop used on the first photo to lay the collage on top of another image.

ButchBald with hand full of hair

The few days as a new baldy have been very exciting :) Here are some observations from these days:

  • Air ventilation system constantly seems to be trying to suck out my brain! First day at work and the vent sucking on my brain through the whole day, I got a severe headache by the evening.
  • Same wearing a bike helmet – awful to wear without an extra hat under helmet to keep my brain from being pulled out with the wind. The sensitivity to airflow must be something that my skull just needs to get used to, I can’t imagine that all baldies would be having this hard time all the time.
  • The new cap I bought as a preparation for going bald is actually pretty useless – last 2 days I have been wearing my winter hat.
  • The scalp is surprisingly insensitive to touch. Seems as if I could feel more when I had hair on it.
  • No more need to use shampoo but now I have twice as large facial skin to wash.
  • Have not yet developed a bad razor burn, which I was sure I would have.
  • Color contrast between scalp and the face is not as bad as I expected. I started using a tanning lotion from the first night, so that helps to make it even better.
  • Pulling sweaters and T-shirts on and off over head has became to be surprisingly hard task – they just get stuck on my scalp.

Comments from those around me:

  • WHY?!
  • Unaccustomed.
  • Sexy.
  • Cute.
  • Horrible!!! ..ok, I mean I suppose I just have to get accustomed.
  • Stylish.
  • Actually suits You well.
  • When will it grow out?
  • Nice, like alien.
  • Macho fag.
  • Turns out You’re one of those fit for a bald head.

Bald with towelSepia bald with dark eyes

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