Shutting up another ‘non-photogenic’, …Janar

JanarJanar, just as few guys before, initially refused to allow me to take photos of him, but finally gave in and let me do it. I did not have a plan to take photos but as I looked at him how admirable he looked, I could not keep my camera in the closet. Yet, he kept trying to convince me he was not photogenic. defines photogenic as ‘forming an attractive subject for photography or having features that look well in a photograph’. Based on such definition, this cute boy has everything needed to be photogenic.

I seem to be obsessed over eyebrows, but take a look at them – nice, dark and long. I was going to crop the photo to just show his eyes, but could not make myself cut out the cute dimples presented by a beautiful smile. Egyptian Sun and the love he has found have done great work on him – tanned, nice skin and apparently happy. This young boy has grown up to be a hot young man. I am so happy for him and can only hope to be allowed to take some more photos some day.

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