Wild Summer days, ..and nights

With 1083 photos I made personal record of photos taken on one event. I was loving it – Summer time, shorts taken off, shirts thrown away – good scenery for the photo shoot :-) Along with my eagerness while taking photos, I was starting to get comments like “aren’t you afraid to find the camera shoved up somewhere in the morning”.

Once it go dark, I finally put down my self-taken obligations of the photographer and got wild taking the most of the night. It has been long since I last sang and yelled until losing voice. Can’t exactly remember when I lasted danced this hard that waking up in the morning I was sure my hip has been dislocated. I must have needed it and was enjoying myself. Skinny-dipping in a lake at 2 am, ..amazing. Hot tub until 4 am with 3 hot guy and girls, .. straight guys’ capability of handling teasing is beyond my comprehension.

It is the next day after the wild day/night. I do not seem to be able to form coherent conseguent sentences, so I better try to make up the lack of sleep of last night.

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