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New Year collection

A photo from New Year’s party. If You observe closer, You’ll get the overall idea of the party. It was quite a fun.

It’s been long since I have had time to blog, so here’s quick update until further more detailed stories. The main news – so far we had had no cars in family, and now we’re both on wheels. Margus got his BMW in November 2006 and I got my Peugeot January 2007. Haven’t had time to take photos of our wheels, but I am sure they will be up here some time soon.

It is my first car, so I am still very excited. So far I have even been excited digging the car out of the snow and scraping the windows – I have a CAR that needs to be dug and scraped :-) But I am just about tired of the digging.

As I am real dummy concerning cars, my friend Madis, also Peugeot owner, has to put up with my dumb questions – ‘..I have some stick in my keyring and I don’t know where to stick it or even what it is’. Today, after having the car for 2 weeks, I had to call him to ask how to open the hood of my car. And I wanted it for all the wrong reasons – I thought hot engine would be great place to thaw a frozen window washing bottle I got from Margus‘ car. And of course I gave everyone a big laugh after having my way with the fuel stick, which was likely for trucks. Whenever I asked whether it really is suppose to be the way that only the tip, not the whole stick goes into the hole, I get laughter in response, ‘ooh yeah, ram it all the way in there!’.

Margus 2007 Käsmus

Margus has been away travelling in Europe for a week. I do want him to travel and have fun, but I am missing him and waiting him back so bad. Not hearing his voice for days is damn hard.

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