My reason for smile – update on my love life

MargusOnce again I feel urge to tell about my love life. Margus still is the guy whom I am madly in love with and loving and whom I consider to be my life, for over 5 months by now. Despite few misunderstandings which we have had and which we are likely yet to have, I keep admiring how perfect we are for each other. I am convinced that besides the attraction and love we feel for each other, sincere and open communication is what has kept us together so far.

Would I marry him? I can not simply answer it with a single word, but I explain why and give the answer in more answers.
1) Since Estonia still doesn’t allow or approve gay marriages or unions, which are accepted by some other governments, our marriage would have no legitimate grounds in Estonia.
2) I don’t think any church in Estonia would agree to give us blessing, but that really would not keep me from the marriage as I am pagan anyway. Nevertheless, I would still like to get a blessing to our union – not sure by what religion, but certainly by one that has more open and earthly views on love and life. (Oh, I haven’t discussed this part with Margus, so I may get my butt kicked because of this blog entry.)
3) I know once I do get married, I would love to do it with a nice big party and share it with our friends and families. But at this point I am in no position to spend € 15 000 for the party I would like to have. I don’t think people can start loving each more after the wedding ceremony than they did before it – could one imagine saying ‘You have all my love, ..except for the extra love You would have after wedding‘. Hence, as I believe important part of the wedding is sharing the event with friends and families, I do think once I take the step it will have to be beautiful and big.
4) The most important – is he the guy I would want to marry? Yes, he is, and I do I do I do!

In gay world, I suppose we are already considered ‘married’ by having each others profiles under partner link in major dating websites. And we do get greetings and compliments on our partners, so by gay terms, I believe we were wedded by accepting the partner links :-)

This entry is my declaration of love for Margus, addressed to all who care for my life and feelings.

For all who question our aims and feelings or their mutuality – come see me and I will kick Your bootie!

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