Let the Summer session begin

Shadow selfie

Last week I finally got a chance to irradiate my freakishly pale skin a bit and have first splashes in the water. Excited to have Summer here again, which hopefully brings along some hot and nsfw-ish photosessions out in the wild and on the beaches.

Maybe some pics of myself too, but I am just not willing to give up on eating so that my never seen six-pack would reveal itself.

But for other guys (and why not girls and couples as well, I would love to do You all) — if there are some new models who are interested to play around for the photos, here are some ground rules and tips:

  • Even though I do use (maybe too much) of retouching, I am not a almighty wizard and there has to be something to work on, so somewhat fit body would be a good canvas to start from.
  • Photoshoots are free of charge on the condition that I can publish a selection of my favorites on this blog. Yet I do not mind if models wish to bring a wine along – it is always welcome and usually an effective way for a more relaxing photoshoot :)
  • I am rarely interested in ‘safe’ passport headshots. I don’t ask everyone to strip down to bare butt, but I am indeed more into artistic nudity, which always depends on the comfort zone of particular model.
  • I am not particularly interested in shooting hardcore shots — as much as I have received such offers and requests from boys in heat, none of them has actually made it to me even for more decent pics, and it has been obvious none of the material would be allowed to publish anyway.
  • Oh, ¬†and how many times have I been told I could take photos for my personal use only and only to be looked at privately. C’mon guys, have a look on the selection of photos on my blog — I already have many pics published here, which I indeed sometimes look up to admire again and again. I am really not into wasting time on shooting and retouching photos that would never be seen again.
  • Once more, almost without any exception, I am only interested in the photoshoot if I can get material to be presented here. Strangely, straight guys have been rather open in having their photos published here, while many gay guys (yeah, I have some of them here) are feeling uncomfortable about their photos being published on such ‘gay porn collection’.

..just some thoughts that I have often had to explain to potential models. But in general, I am always excited to have new models, so don’t be scared to get in touch!

The pic at the beginning – a shadow selfie of myself at Pikakari beach in Tallinn, last weekend.

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