Female beauty in black brassiere

I have been rather open about my fear of women and of taking photos of them, but well, at times still little bit photo-bi-curious. Considering my insecurity and shaky hands, the more courage and initiative it takes from women to have a successful photo shoot. We had contemplated the shoot for some time already, but when we finally found a chance to do it, we only had half an hour all together, 15 minutes out of which time I spent setting up the lights and camera leaving us only another 15 mins for the photo shoot. The best I remember, it qualifies as the most productive of my shoots ever.

Being a fan of my blog and photos Kai trusted me the stunning opportunity to shoot some photos of her, and what is even more special for me, she granted me permission to publish my favorite pics.

I am aware that majority of my readers-fans come here searching for something else rather than feminine beauty, but if You have any nice thoughts on these pics, I would appreciate if You shared the thoughts in the comments here. I really love these pics, but am eager to hear, what You think of these.

Natural female beauty

Natural female beauty

Female beauty in black brassiere

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5 thoughts on “Kai

  • Fiseros

    I liked them a bit. But, I think inviting viewers to criticise your photos, only leads to well… criticism. If I hadn’t been “alerted” to the need for a critic, I wouldn’t question your ability.

    Since you asked, the shots are basic and uninspired. Same look, same feel, same lack of any energy whatsoever. The model’s face is strangely many years older than her lovely body.

    I know, who cares what some asshole thinks? And, right you are. But, I have a feeling you and your model are both special, I’m just not seeing any attention payed to that “inner soul.” May I suggest, taking some shots involving something that causes a smile, a laugh, horror? Anything, from you, your model, the viewer, anybody. Give me some depth! This is Sears Portrait Arthouse shit. Your model’s a Goddess, show me some venom, some thunder!

    • ranno Post author

      Dear Fiseros,

      You sure spent a lot of Your time on the criticism, but I really appreciate all the time You spent :) And I do care what this ‘asshole’ thinks, especially when he finds a way to slip in some nice words to all the criticism.

      In this particular case it all happened in really short time period, all was shot in about 15 minutes. But then again, I admit that the same criticism is valid for maybe most of the portraits I have taken, then the shortage of time is not really an excuse. Definitely something I will keep in mind for whenever I will be shooting someone again.

    • Kai

      Dear Fiseros,
      As funny as it is, your criticism was one of the best compliments I have ever had. I am already 45 years old, with 2 kids and 20 years of marriage. This is what you can see on my face :)
      Thank you Ranno, you did those wonderful photos of me, I trusted you and I am happy that I agreed…
      Model Kai