Rock rock rock the boat

Finale of Dance Fusion

..shake shake shake the bootie! :)

Yeah, I am jumping around on the ship again! I am kind of a weirdo, but I really get such a thrill out of the rocking of a ship. It sure is complicated to dance on a stage when I can not meet the floor at the expected place after jumping up, but even that part is kind of fun — at times I just end up laughing out loud on stage. OK, already have to make corrections to the fun part — when making turns with girl in the air on a meter wide step, or when balancing a girl up above head, the rocking floor can be rather frightening and stressful. ¬†At the previous projects the ship was usually docking at a harbor at the time of our performance, but now on the Tallinn-Stockholm cruise we are somewhere in the middle of the Baltic sea at the time of midnight show.

The crowd usually seems to take the most out from the rocking ship on the dance floor. Obviously, they are a bit drunk and balance-impaired already, but the waves guiding them from one side of dance floor to the other side is always accompanied by screams of excitement.

I am one tough case to teach choreography. Having time for rehearsals only in the evenings, forgetting most stuff that we haven’t rehearsed over a day, and looking so awkward on stage, ..well, based on my estimation. And yet, I was invited back for another project. Several times I was sincerely sorry for people who had to teach me and was admiring their patience, but I am also so grateful to DanceFactory for inviting me back for another project.

Ranno in Dance FusionBoomboxBoomboxBoomboxBoomboxBreakdancersDance FusionVogueVogueDepeche ModeDepeche mode (we got some fans!)Finale of Dance Fusion
Depeche Mode
Ievgeniia, Marleen, Signet, Nataly - the art of eyesSignetMarleen and SignetThe Entertainer!Eleazar and NatalyNatalyNataly, Ranno and IevgeniiaBackstage warmup, Siret and Marleen
Ranno and Roman

Another bonus of being involved in the project is meeting all the amazing people. I would say I want to be like Roman when I grow up, but well, I am already older than him. Besides being an awesome dancer he is such a sweet and caring guy in person. Ahh, and sweet girls, Nataly and Ievgeniia, my eyes got all wet when I returned to my cabin with Your present; I have been wearing it every day now.

A warm scarf from Nataly and Ievgeniia

Thanks to Rocco for helping to shoot the pics of our show; great job!!! And most of all, thanks to my dear boy Alex who (without too much opposition) allowed me pursue my seaman/dancer adventures, even though it meant being alone for the nights of almost one month, the Christmas, and the New Year’s Eve.

Pics from MS Baltic Queen from November 2013. Currently, December-January, same shows Boombox and Dance Fusion on MS Victoria I. Seems like it will be my last such project. Really happy to have these times and memories in the list of my adventures.

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