Eventually got new small home studio and a bit more of studio gear initiated. Seems to work out alright and will try some more in time. Thanks to Marek for the permission of these pics and special thanks to Alex for assisting me with lighting and with everything else that needed attending for more appealing pics.

Slightly off the topic, but I ordered myself a fancy pair of Andrew Christian swimwear too, but with embarrassment had to accept that I am not equipped enough to wear them without making everyone laugh.

But back to the boy-pics. There are still guys whom I offer myself to try out a photo shoot, but there are also surprisingly many guys who ask me themselves to have a photo shoot. And it is really inspiring to hear both from guys and girls that they enjoy peeking into my site to see what I have done. But before I go on with shooting guys, I am seriously considering having models sign a release form. For now the negotiation for agreement to use photos on my blog takes way too much time.


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