Cloned guys in the park

Cloned guys on colorful leaves

Neither of us still shows any sign of pregnancy so the only way for us to increase our family is by cloning.

The autumn came down on the trees so suddenly — the weekend before these photos, while I was naively hoping for a T-shirt weather to return for few more days I had to admit that the trees are starting to change in color; the weekend after these photos most of the leaves were already covering the ground and the first snow came down. The few days of abundant colors were beautiful, but I still don’t approve the arrival of dark, cold and depressive season.

The park was crowded with hundreds of people enjoying the beauty of colors. Every one of them seemed to have a camera with them and as if at a gay sauna everyone was enviously checking out and assessing the size of each other’s equipment.

Photos from October 14th, shot at the park of Kadriorg in Tallinn, Estonia.
On the photos: Alex and Ranno.
Photos shot and edited by Ranno.

Cloned guys on colorful leaves

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2 thoughts on “Cloned guys in the park

  • ranno Post author

    I was paying attention so I would not amputate any significant parts :D
    9 legs are more or less visible and the only one missing, is from Alex sitting up in the middle and he actually had the other leg up on the bench so it was not visible in the original either. I know, for a moment I got confused about the legs even when looking the original photos :)