Crack in the crack

Relaxing nude in a mountain crack

Ups, seems like I have lost my pants again. Well, with the huge vent-holes that my jeans always have between thighs, I don’t think they really would be more decent outfit than no jeans at all. Oh, as for the decency, I suppose I should implement some kind of indicator for blog readers to be better warned of what kind of photos might jump at them on the screen, maybe some red marking to warn of the NSFW (not safe for work)-ish content.

The photos are shot at Murru quarry (decent pics and more about it in previous post). Erosion has carved deep cracks into the artificial hill and the scene looks very unlike to Estonia. As we walked to the back side of the hill it seemed to be rather private, so I made a sure plan to shoot some photos there. But when coming down the hill the area got quite crowded with cars lining up on a small road. I spent a second thinking whether we should reconsider the nude photoshoot, but then I decided that if anyone had good enough eyesight to see what was going on, they would have a choice to go on with their business or accept one additional crack fooling around in a crack of the hill.

On photos: Ranno
Photos shot by Alex, edited by Ranno.
Location: Murru quarry, Estonia.

Happy nude climber in a mountain crack
Hiding delicates in mountain crack
Naked climber in a mountain crack

Nude back side across a mountain crack

Stretching naked across a mountain crack

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