Yeah, we love our mom :)

Thank God for dementia — when I was recently referred to as a gentleman, 32 years of age, it took me few (too many) moments to realize that it was me. It seems to run in the family though. With no offense behind it, I don’t think they remember their ages either and their spirits are stuck in at least -10 years in age. I can not say that the life has been easy for our family, but despite it all, I am always amazed how high my mom and sister are in spirits and energy. On the road back homeĀ from sister’s 40th birthday party, a 4 hr drive in the middle of the night, I just kept smiling as I was thinking of my family dancing, playing and jumping around. I feel so blessed to have such a fun and crazy bunch as my family!

Big sister and small brother Mom piggybacking a small grandson Mom with kids

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