Boys in Saaremaa

Angla windmill

Something old, something new.

Alex had never been to Saaremaa, hence we have been planning for few months to go on a road trip there on one of my vacations. With Jaouad in town and Margus on a vacation as well, it seemed like a good idea to stuff up the car with guys, tents, mattresses, snacks and hit the road.

Alex by the bishopric castle of Kuressaare Jaouad and Margus at the wall of Kuressaare castle Boys collecting berries Kihelkonna bell tower in Saaremaa Kihelkonna church in Saaremaa Alex by Kihelkonna church Swinging guys Bare butt lineup at a beach

No, there are not any official nude beaches in Saaremaa, but as usual, despite my modest and shy personality, I tend to drop my shorts on any beach. Conveniently, it usually also means that after dropping the shorts there will be a convenient empty buffer zone around us — win-win situation :)

Alex at the tip of the Sõrve peninsula Alex by a lighthouse of Sõrve peninsula Pebble towers at Ohessaare, Saaremaa Nude (Alex) at a pebble gate Ranno with pebble towers Naughty boys on a windmill :) Alex Metal pathway though the Koigi bog

I have been dragging Alex to and through different bogs. I spotted a big bog with lakes and supposable towers on the map of Saaremaa. I was sure it would be fun, at least the sightseeing tower. The information board before the bog warned that the trails and bog are in somewhat poor condition, but I figured, that how bad could it be, and I still wanted to go for a hike, at least until the tower or the lake for a quick dip.

The trail through the forest to the bog turned out to be longer and buggier than I had anticipated and I was so ready to give up and turn around for several times. Trying to make it to the tower we passed some dusty spot which looked like someone had had a small bonfire. As I passed it, I looked back trying to figure out why the bonfire spot seemed weird, .. I turned to the guys and shared with them: “I think this is (rather, was) THE tower”. Fortunately, the lake was still there for a short refreshing dip and photos.

To save the hiking and suffering for other bog fans, I would recommend that this bog is not worth the long hike, at least not before the tower has been restored. But then again, if You happen to be excited over feeding huge vicious horseflies, endless walk through the forest and a big-boobed topless granny weeding by the road, it does sound like a perfect place to visit.

Birch forest at the Koigi bog "Final destination" themed injury

On the last day, while already heading home, I experienced something that to me seemed like a scene from “Final Destination”. While a young guy was mowing the lawn at the windmill park, we entered one of the windmills, climbed the ladders to the dark top level of the windmill. I found a hatch to let in some air and light, stood by the hatch and was taking few pics of guys, when I was shocked by a hit at my arm. A rock from under a lawnmower had shot up, dozens of meters towards the windmill, up to the hatch and hit me hard enough to give such bruise. I just felt lucky, considering that my arm had been up holding my camera while taking photos — it could have easily been my lens or my eyes that could have taken the hit.

Well, the weather was great and it was a nice road trip.

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