Pauper of the opera

Ranno with slightly expired wife

As a kid I went to drama club for several years and probably dreamt of a future as an actor, but I kind of grew out of it and never dreamt of performing on stage of Estonian National Opera. Recently I have indeed been involved in various dance project, but again, I could have never dreamt of being involved in any production on such important stage.

When I was suggested to join the rehearsals of the production last November, I had to humbly remind, that despite the eagerness, I am really far far away from qualifying as a dancer for such stage, but as I was already given the offer, I decided try it out and do my best.

I am the oldest of the dancers, rather ancient compared to most of them, but I was kept in the team and I really made it to the big stage!

My co-dancers are such a fun bunch and it has been really awesome to meet all the rest of the crew. I am honored to share stage with some amazing performers whom I have admired for many years. I am honored to be just few steps away from spectacular opera singers whose voice gives me goose bumps every time. Exciting, for real!!! I get to play one of the paupers, or beggars, a servant for just one dance, and mostly a thief Jack who by the outfit seems to be a big fan of hardcore S&M :)

Since the production is actually an opera, it is appropriate that we (dancers) pretend to be singing too. At times I just get so carried away with the flow and have to remind myself not sing out loud and oh so off the tune.

Unfortunately, no photos of me in action on the stage, so here are just few of the photos from back stage.

Ingel and Ranno (thief Jack) Ranno the hooker (hook attacher)

Ranno, Liisa, Juhan

A bunch of dancers at the afterparty Ranno and Andres (director)

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