Riveli dresses

Mari and Raili

Girls can indeed be fun and beautiful to take photos of. I know, coming from me it may sound as an unexpected phenomenon, but I did have fun with the girls again! With a record of ‘Train’ playing loud the atmosphere was perfect to make girls jump around without any need for a sparkling wine, which I was thinking of first.  As much (or little) as I have taken photos of Raili and Mari, I really enjoy the magical chemistry between them — they are both really beautiful alone, but when they get together for some of the pics, they are so comfortable with each other and give such beautiful and sensual photos.

I am still quite clumsy with taking photos at a real studio. I still waste a lot of the time trying to figure out the positions and intensities of the flash lights and the settings on my camera. Even so, thanks to Aveli for believing in me and for giving me such fun opportunity again.

Raili Mari Raili Mari Raili Raili Mari Raili Mari Mari Raili Raili Models Raili and Mari

The few moments in between the photos, while girls were changing outfits, I quickly switched my camera to a video mode and tried to get some ‘behind the scenes’ video clips.

Video clips from between the photos

Models: Raili and Mari
Busy bee aka stylist: Aveli
Photos and video by: Ranno
Music:  “How Things Turned Out To Be” by Billie the Vision and the Dancers
Studio: Hotshot Studios
Photos taken on April 23rd, 2012.

Models Raili and Mari with the photographer

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