Ballerinas; Raminta and Kristina

So cool – my photography gigs and fascination with dance have introduced me to many interesting and exciting people and have taken me to unexpected places, like backstage, on stage, to production rehearsals, and now, into a tutu! :)


I have a lot of photos of Kristina and Raminta on stage, but now, on their request, we had a private photo shoot. I was a bit concerned over how satisfied they would be with the photos. Sure, I have seen some ballet, but I am still clueless when trying to think of some real ballet poses. Luckily, girls were instructing and correcting each other, so all I had to do was to press the trigger.

Real ballerinas eat cookies too! Kristina

With this photo shoot in mind I purchased a LumiQuest ProMax System flash light modification accessory kit. Although some shadows remained, in general I was rather satisfied with the new accessory.

Kristina Grand jeté, Raminta Arabesque, Raminta Raminta Arabesque, Kristina Raminta Rudzionyte Kristina with a tutu Boa-Kristina Raminta Kristina Markeviciute Kristina on a piano Raminta with a tutu Raminta with a tutu Raminta and Kristina A moment off the feet; Kristina Raminta and Kristina with Tartu on the background

Few hours after we started the fun photoshoot, we could not come up with any more ideas and poses for the photos and girls were quite exhausted from jumping and posing on the pointe shoes. Before calling it the end, I shyly asked “Do You think.. , ee.. , do You think I would somehow fit into the tutu?”. In a blink they told me to take off my pants and they stretched the tutu skirt around my waist!

I am a real ballerina too! (Ranno & Raminta)

Photos taken on March 10th in Theatre Vanemuine, Tartu.

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