Joe's mazed face

As I look at Joe‘s lips I swiftly get carried away trying to track the lines of the maze. There is something hypnotizing about these luscious lips.

The last week has been a nerve-wracking quest in a maze. At times the paths have appeared as dark alleys where I just sit down and stare into the endless darkness. The other times I found myself hitting my head at wall at a dead end, even though I had left a note for myself: ‘dead end, I have been here before’. The week of excessive frustration and drama really broke down my mind and health. Then again, there was some light and hope too on some of the paths. Last night I actually saw a shooting star and that always symbolizes hope for me. Also, following a week long dance audition I was sort of accepted to a show production company, which, if I find enough time aside my day-time job, might bring some fun times on stage. And then there is love; it does brighten everything up.

The photos of Joe are actually fragments from the previous post, with a Curly Smooth filter of Topaz Clean 3 plugin. While working on the previous photos, as I zoomed in I got lost in his face, so I decided the face pics deserved a whole separate post.

Joe's mazed face

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