Joe cozy on bed

Seems like I can never get enough of Joe, as might be obvious by how this blog is turning into his photo portfolio – over 60 photos since 2008.

These photos were taken at Joe’s place in Helsinki 2 weeks ago. We could not figure out any new artsy theme for the photos, but even seeing him cozily relaxing on the bed, I could not keep my hands off of my camera.

I did have some more ideas for the photos, but considering that there are already dozens of nude pics of him here, him wearing pants seemed like a new and fresh scene :)

Joe cozy on bed

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3 thoughts on “Cozy

  • pekka

    Again very good photos of Joe, Concratulations to you and Joe. Do you know if he already has any commercial photos, because he has all the possibilities to that.

  • ranno Post author

    Thanks again, Pekka! We have thought of sending his pics to some agency and getting him started with real modeling career too, but haven’t taken any action yet.

    But he is definitely the kind of guy I would enjoy seeing as model instead of the skinny excuses for guys that are so popular these days.