Ahh, God!

Joe on a chair

No no, it is not as if that was all I could say while shooting these photos of Joe – sometimes I said ‘Oh, God!’ instead. His defined, muscled body is amazing piece of art at whatever angle I look at him, he is just a living sculpture!

Joe toplessJoe in underwear

The red textured wall was a nice background for the photos, but since I could not bring along my studio lamps, I had to come up with some lighting solution.

First I dismantled a floor lamp and tried some complicated choreography to make it work as a sort of a softbox on my flash. Mh, did not quite work out.

Eventually I just bounced flash off of the back of the room at full power. Seemed to be great solution until after about 30 shots my flash overheated and refused to co-operate. Once it had cooled down, we were already hungry and done with the session.

Joe nude on a chair

Photos are taken Joe’s place last weekend. Always excited to be able to take photos of him and especially happy for his approval for publishing the photos.


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5 thoughts on “Ahh, God!

  • pekka

    I agree, super hot body. Of course Joe’s basic body is good and tanned, not like our’s here in the north, but I think it has reguired quite many months or even years in the gym to get the such nice muscles and to keep them in good condition.

  • ranno Post author

    Well, one frustrating thing (for many guys) about him and his amazing body is, that by what I have seen, he goes to gym just few days a week and with his food I seem to gain a kg a day. So jealous over his physiology and metabolism!!!