This is not the end

Video camera

With the cancer awareness campaign last week I heard it a lot – this is not the end. Recently the phrase has become so familiar, whether I have tried to convince me in it myself or have been told. I keep humming lyrics ‘this is the end’ while forcing ‘not’ to the middle of it. I have been through devastating times, and yet, the world and I both seem to be moving on.

Today child of my dear friend died at birth.

..and the world still seems to be moving on.

Eneli Rüütli Contrabass on stage Guys in black behind the stage Birgit Õigemeel and guys Eva-Lena Raenok and guys

The photos are from a fund-raising concert of Estonian Cancer Society held last week at Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn. I was very excited to be involved in it and to do my bit of the performance on stage in front of 3000 people including the President (as I was told). I know I was an anonymous fellow on stage behind the singers, but even so I took full enjoyment out of facing the full house gracing us with standing ovations; I just cheered and laughed out loud, oh what a moment!

Oh, btw, these are the first photos from my new toy, Canon EOS 60D.

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