Hard to play with myself

Ranno in white underwear

Another attempt to take photos of myself — I know, “What a narcissist!”. This time with the tripod on top of my sofa so I would not have to lean down for the camera, ..still so complicated!

Did I fit in the frame? Why on earth could not the camera find me for the focus? Why does it shoot when I close my eyes? So damn hard and complicated!

Photos are shot with my white wall, texture is a photomontage. Although there are flaws (background is sharper than me), I like these pics :) Now, few days after I took these pics, I am quite happy that I did not delete the whole folder as I was about to do after I first reviewed the photos. They all looked hideous that night but thanks to miraculous photomontage I became to like a few.

Next post will probably be about changes — I have been working on a new cleaner design for this blog, and maybe will tell about some changes in my life too.

Ranno in white underwear with a piece of ass

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10 thoughts on “Hard to play with myself

  • ranno Post author

    @ugly as hell

    I have never claimed to be suitable for cover-boy, but based on my subjective estimation the photos on my blog have been suitable to be published here.

    Photoshop usually makes photos more appealing. After all, it is not competition of best non-retouched photos but merely a blog of my creation.

    I apologize for my site and ugly photos forcing themselves on you.

  • EatingLifeUp

    OMG I hate when people dump negativity out into the world! I have appreciated Ranno, his art, his smoking hot body (In my opinion), his zest for life, his caring soul, and his blog for many years now. Keep up the great work and keep sharing your self pics on your blog despite the comment above. Your body blog posts have always been my favorites! *hugs* from Canada, Neil

  • Arno

    Some people…..they must follow you to see all the photos so they MUST be addicted in someway! I love all the pics

  • ranno Post author

    Thanks, Arno! I am happy You like the pics :) And considering You being a co-owner of a photographic company (by the twitter), I am even more flattered You like my stuff!

  • Arno

    Well im talking to my other half to find out if we can have an exibition of your photos should you be interested…and thanx for noticing twitter ;)

  • ranno Post author

    I am very flattered for You even considering an exhibition :) Sure, once in a while I have secretly dreamed of it, but have been modest enough for not getting any crazy ideas of having a decent bunch of photos that would make up a good exhibition.

  • Edward

    great self portraits, you are a beautiful model with a gorgeous body and should do more self portraits; love the first one with your shirt half off and the small bikini – I use myself as model 50% of the time – and with the help of photoshop look half way decent