Failed expectations

Ranno on top of beach bench

‘Possibly the heat record of the year’ — with such forecast seems like the only sane thing to do is to flee the town and head for the beach. Somehow, once at the beach, we found ourselves wishing we had an umbrella with us. Hardly any sunbeams peeked through the clouds so we just spent the day sleeping on the beach. Just before leaving in the evening I dressed up to take couple photos.

Ali on top of beach bench

Having my weight down at about 75 kg and with some vague hints of muscles showing through I though it was now appropriate to be caught on couple photos too. A bit of failure in my expectations, as well, but I will try to work a bit more on it and maybe can have some better photos by the end of the summer. These are the rare moments on beach when I have not ‘accidentally’ lost my swimming shorts :)

Ranno in swimming shorts

Photos taken yesterday on Pärnu beach in cloudy weather and about 27°C. Today, when we were suppose to have thunder, we have clear sky, 33°C inside the room and I am marinating in my sweat on balcony.

Portrait of Ali

Ranno and Ali

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