Liigutage peput!

Nude handstand on Pärnu beach

Liigutage peput – in translation from Estonian, it would be ‘move butt’. The clip has been haunting me for a week, hence the title matching to the photo :) As You see the hot Summer has arrived to Estonia. With expected 30°C last Sunday we hit the road to figure out the way to Pärnu for the first time this year. After spending every business day under air conditioner and jealously looking at people sunbathing under window the thoughts of Pärnu beach and getting sunburned were all that gave me strength to go on.

There are surely beaches with cleaner water, but even so, I love Pärnu beach. Hopefully this photo is just first of many of the Pärnu beach series. Oh, there were 18 000 people on the beach that day, ..had to do some planning to avoid some not so nice butts taking up the whole background.

As of the video that haunts me — Liigutage peput by Elmayonesa.

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