Pillow fight

Fighter on a recess

In short — two feather pillows are no more.

Warrior princess, the redhaired edition :)Messy pillow fight

In few more words…

At the beginning of April, while driving to Tallinn, I stopped to pick up a guy standing by the road with a thumb up. In few hundred meters I stopped again for a bunch of hitchhikers and suggested that if they were willing to be stuffed to the back of my tiny car, they would be welcome to get on board. As I heard later Liis, the only girl in the bunch, had just given up on the waiting and just went to wish guys good luck before she was going to catch a bus.

I had car packed with such a fun bunch of thumb riders that on the half way I bought them beers myself.

Usually my hitchhikers bring their own drinks :) ..Like the two big guys whom I once picked up. I believe those two guys with a selection of beer probably weighed up as much as the bunch of four.  ..or the two jolly girls on their way to Madonna’s concert. Their warm-up  for the party included a large bottle of cola and almost as large bottle of something stronger along with it. It was enough to get Ali drunk and girls seemed tipsy enough for the concert too.

The 2+ hour drive was all fun and passed seamlessly. Among other things Liis mentioned that she was looking for someone to take photos of a pillow fight for some poster. We stayed in touch and few weeks later, April 28th, we decided to have the fun messy battle with pillows with Liis and Indrek fighting and me shooting with Canon.

Cute fighter on a recessBless of feathers

The morning of the day of the battle started with a vicious stabbing — since none of us were good at reading pillows that was the only way to find out which of the pillows were stuffed with feathers. Once the car was packed with all the pillows, blankets, teddy bear, Liis and with Indrek somewhere under all that, we headed to Tartu Laululava (Tartu festival arena; also seen on Google satellite photo).

The fight was obviously pure fun! Whatever our intentions were regarding the feathers and how they would look on the photos, the result seems more as a Christmas card image: white fluffy stuff flying around, a male figure in red coat carrying a bag-like thing.

As much fun as it was, we had promised to clean up the few feathers and the bit of a mess we were likely to cause.  With all the fun we had had the wind eventually joined us for the cleaning time. Our futile attempts to scrape the feathers into some pile usually ended with the wind blowing them all over the area again. No worries, we did not leave the place vandalized and stayed until we had it in a decent condition. My car, however.. I had feathers flying around the car for a week before I had a chance to vacuum it, but even now there are some stubborn feathers that refuse to be sucked off.

Exhausted cleaning staffVenue of the battle and the dressing room

The final posterIronically the name of the event that we were making the poster for was ‘Tee unest enda sõber’ (Make sleep your friend). We faced a controversial task trying to choose a photo that would say make sleep your friend from the selection of photos of a fight.
With the photo of the choice and with Liis and Indrek next to me giving their opinions I created the poster to which logos and the link were added after I had passed it to them. They were very excited with how it turned out.

In conclusion, two feather pillows are no more.

Exhausted teddy bear with Canon

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