Burn burn burn

A couple in heat

When I arrived at the venue in the dark I did consider for a moment that those two might be some sort of performers. In fact they were just some of the several sculptures built of the christmas trees people had gathered to the meadow between Emajõgi and Anne kanal. And then, as You see, they were all burned.

⤥ Aren’t they a nice couple, Flamy and Bony. I see two faces on the photo. I tend to hallucinate watching my fire pics, ..but they are there.

Flamy and Bony - a couple in fire

I had to thaw my butt for an hour after I returned home. I had been squatting down freezing my bootie in the snow so I would not block the view for other people who had came to enjoy the warmth of the fire on a cold night.

Talking about the squatting — I truly hate the ‘professional’ photographers who somehow get the idea than they are more important than the performance itself. I have seen numerous times some of those who just stand in front of people without a clue that it is not them that the people came to look at. I am not much of a christmas person but nevertheless tried to enjoy a choir concert at a church. And again, some ignorant guy with a camera just stood in front of the aisle with hands on his hips most of the time. So me exercising the christmas spirit meant telling myself not to go to tell the guy what I thought of his behavior.

↶ I see a bearded man standing on this one.

Burning cubes and a fire-ghost

I praise the crazy photographers who go out in temperatures below -20°C to get amazing winter photos. Icy butt and -8°C was more than enough for me. One day the time will come when I can flash on my balcony again.

The sculpture of a pedestrian bridge often used as symbol of Tartu.

Tartu kaarsild (arch bridge) built of christmas trees

Photos taken on January 15th, 2010 in Tartu. Thanks to Margus for carrying my equipment while I was tramping around in the deep snow.

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